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As a 6th degree black belt, Sensei Jim White has had more than 35 years of experience in several styles of karate and traditional weapons. Guided by his expert instruction, Legacy Self Defense students advance through a traditional karate colored-belt system as new techniques are mastered.

Unlike many other facilities, Legacy Self Defense provides all written materials for advancement and does NOT charge any additional fees for students to test their knowledge and promote to a higher rank.

Tuesday 5:30 - 6:30 Ages 6 & Up Beginning Karate

Tuesday 6:30 - 7:30 Open Ages intermediate Karate

Tuesday 7:30 - 8:30 Open Ages Advanced Karate

Saturday 11:00 - 12:00 Ages 6 & Up Beginning Karate

Saturday 12:00 - 1:00 Open Ages Intermediate Karate

Saturday 1:00 - 2:00 Open Ages Advanced Karate

Saturday 2:00 - 3:00 Traditional Weapons Training

​​​At Legacy Self Defense, it is our goal to educate and

​​​​​Legacy Self Defense Program Description

(Available for ages 6 & older. Adult classes are also available.)

Legacy Self Defense classes teach simple, effective, repeatable techniques that may be used to defend oneself or to ward off potential assailants in order to successfully escape or resist an oncoming attack.

Through the use of Shaolin-Kempo martial arts, verbal confrontation skills and physical strategies are taught to all students. The students utilize punches, kicks, strikes, and blocks to de-escalate, slow down, or stop an assault.

Our program’s main goal is to promote physical fitness, tone the body, gain muscle, and have fun learning self defense techniques! Our Sensei instructs students to respect authority while strengthening each person’s self confidence, self discipline, and mental alertness. The Legacy Self Defense program is open to anyone ages 6 and older. Traditional weapons classes are limited to brown belt level and above.

Self Defense Classes

Legacy Self Defense offers beginning through advanced levels of self defense classes. As students advance through a traditional karate “belt” ranking system, they are promoted into the continuing self defenses classes. Legacy Self Defense also offers traditional weapons classes for those students ranked brown belt and above.

Self defense classes are offered throughout the entire calendar year.

Advancement & Testing

Students enrolled in Legacy Self Defense classes are encouraged to move through various skill levels at their own pace. This advancement is based on written rank requirements provided by the Legacy Self Defense Director.

Belt-level advancement testing is held twice yearly to allow students to move through the traditional karate color-belt ranking system. Testing for various belt levels is done at the individual student’s pace and ability level.

There is no additional charge for Legacy Self Defense testing.

Self Defense Registration & Class Costs

There is no contract for self defense class. Our self defense program is paid on a month-to-month basis at the rate of $75 per person per month. This monthly fee allows each student to take as many or as few classes as they wish during any given month as long as the chosen classes are at or below their current belt level.

All self defense students are required to pay a yearly $50 registration fee at the time of their class registration.

Traditional weapons classes are $50 per person per month.

Further information regarding payment due dates and other financial policies can be found in the “Financial & Payment Policies” section of this handbook.

Self Defense Dress Code Requirements

All students enrolled in Legacy Self Defense classes are required to wear a black gi jacket and pants purchased from our studio. A self defense t-shirt may be purchased and worn under or in place of the jacket during class time. Students are required to purchase the appropriate ranking belt color which should be worn to each class.

Socks and shoes are not permitted during class or when testing; and hair should be pulled back and secured away from the face. In addition, male students are required to wear a protective cup at all times.

Student & Group / Class Pictures

Professional individual and group class pictures are scheduled each year during the month of March. All pictures are taken at the studio and are available for purchase. All students are required to be at their scheduled class for their yearly group picture, dressed in full gi uniform. No one is required to purchase the pictures.

Through the art of Shaolin-Kempo Karate, we instruct our students to respect authority, to have the confidence to defend themselves if needed, to gain higher physical and mental alertness, and to strive for a healthy balance in their lives.

As a student of Legacy Self Defense, you will receive one hour of personalized karate instruction; twice weekly. It is also our goal to promote personal physical fitness by helping to tone the body and gain muscle. Our program helps build self discipline and mental alertness as we motivate each student to higher achievement - not only in Self Defense but in all aspects of life.

Class Schedule

Sensei Jim

motivate each student in the art of Self Defense.

A $50.00 Registration Fee will be charged
per student / per year.

Class Fees:
$75.00 per month – With NO Contract!
Additional $50.00 per month for any traditional weapons class.


Now offering Women's Self Defense!